About Us

What’s with the name?

     Our brand name is a representation of who the designer behind the brand is. Her favorite season is autumn and she’s a bit of a night owl – and thus the inspiration for the name Autumn Owl Designs.

Our original owl

Our current owl

What’s with the “we”?

     We always use the first person plural “we”, “us” & “our” when speaking from the brand itself, because at Autumn Owl we believe that we are a team. The designer and the creative team members are what makes up the team and every message is sent from the mindset that only as a team can we truly be successful.

     Hi! I’m the graphics designer for Autumn Owl Designs. I truly love what I do and really enjoy creating beautiful kits. I’ve studies art & design at the University of Kentucky, Lexington and have travelled all over the world (14 countries and counting!) and use these experiences in my designs. I’ve been doing graphic design and web design work since the late 90s and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. I really hope you enjoy the kits I make as much as I enjoy making them!

That’s me at the
Great Wall of China
in October 2010

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