Designer Mentoring Program

     The designer mentoring program was created to form a community of up-and-coming digital scrapbooking designers. It’s a place to ask questions, request feedback and share ideas. Autumn Owl Designs is so happy to have this program in place. 

     But what is it exactly?

     This program will give you as much as you put into it. We don’t have “assignments”. We don’t have tutorials. What we do have is a lot of advice, based on years of design experience and a lot of market reasearch. Here’s a sample of what we can help with:

  1. How to design effective kit previews
  2. How to choose thematically relevant color profiles for kits
  3. How to name your kits to retain brand originality
  4. How to design effective visual advertisements
  5. How to use sales and promotions to increase your customer base
  6. How to effectively use giveaways as a way to increase sales conversions
  7. How to plan and maintain a social media marketing campaign
  8. How to use newsletters to engae customers
  9. How to use your Facebook fan page to engage customers
  10. And much, much more!

     If you are interested in joining our community, please email us for information or you can apply right here on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

*Please note – this program is only for designers
not already selling at

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