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     What are these categories? Let’s take a look!

  • Bundle Packs
    • Bundles are a combined offering of products. You can save money by purchasing bundles, which group together related combo packs, can include border packs, monogram packs, extra papers, groupies and more.
  • Combo Packs
    • Combo Packs are MyMemories’ term for page kits. They include papers and embellishments and sometimes will include a monogram set.
  • Extras Packs
    • Extras packs are a combined offering of groupie packs and paper packs. These are bundled add-ons to give you more to work with for each kit, at a discounted rate as compared to purchasing papers and groupies individually. (In our store, you can find extras packs in the same category as combo packs are in)
  • Quick Page Packs
    • Quick pages are just what they sound like- a quick way to make a page. They are PNG files already made up into a layout. You just put your photo in the empty space, and you’re done! These differ from other templates in that you cannot move any elements around like you can in photobooks or albums.
  • Paper Packs
    • Just like they are named, these are packs with extra papers in them. Usually the will coordinate with other kits, but some are standalone products with no kit association.
  • Groupie Packs
    • Groupies (also called clusters) are made using elements from some of our kits. They are usually created and submitted by our creative design team members.
  • Monogram Packs
    • Monograms are the MyMemories’ term for Alphas, or alphabet sets. They are decorative pieces, usually with all capital & lowercase letters, numbers 0-9 and special characters. 
  • Photobook Templates
    • Photobooks are 20 page templates created in MyMemories Suite. Sometimes they will have more than 20 pages, but ours will never have fewer than that. Simply add your photos and you’re done! However, since they are made in MMS, you are able to move elements around, change out papers, whatever you want.
  • Album Templates
    • Albums are like photobooks, except that they are only 4 or 5 pages long. Generally we sell a 20pg photobook, and also split it up into (4) 5pg albums as well, for those who like some pages but don’t need an entire book.
  • Printable Templates
    • This category is tricky. It does include items you can print and use – such as bookmarks, invitations and greeting cards. But, it also includes items like Facebook covers.

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